Yale partners with customers in every industry with a special focus on those having federal and/or state compliance requirements, such as the financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical markets. We have clients in every state and province in North America and maintain a proprietary in-country network in over 180 nations. We monitor country-specific compliance and apply best practice applications of the most cost-efficient screening components available globally.

Yale is integrated with the all popular applicant tracking systems and many proprietary HRIS. Our NEW Case Control Portal provides the most advanced and innovative features designed to streamline the entire screening process, with real time reporting in the 1st hour. Coupled with our highly successful Mitigation program, we are able to free-up recruitment staff and minimize the overall on-boarding timeline.

We maintain sophisticated data security protocols, are fully compliant with federal and state FCRA and related mandates and have certified our commitment to the principles of the Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce.

Best of all, your Customer Service representative is available for IMMEDIATE telephone or email contact, to address your every need!


Throughout our 30 year history, Yale has developed an appreciation for the unique requirements and staffing complexities of the health care industry. W e share our clients’ concern for patient and workplace safety, information privacy, regulatory controls, and cost containment.

Yale has designed customized programs for numerous hospitals, medical service providers, assisted living facilities and other health care entities throughout North America, all of whom require fast turnaround and immediate, live customer service.

Our methodology goes beyond mere record checks and seeks to develop relevant, job-related information using best practices that exceed JCOH standards. We have developed innovative solutions to insure the exclusion of ineligible candidates and address the challenges of international candidates.

We provide practical solutions to insure compliance with both federal and state mandates, including the 2013 OIG Advisory Directive and other regulatory controls. Yale manages Quarterly OIG Compliance programs and Primary Source Licensing / Certification Updates for a number of our clients.

Our knowledge of federal compliance and ever-changing state regulations make Yale your best partner to insure you are hiring the most qualified candidate.


Yale provides background screening and contractor access solutions to pharmaceutical companies, bio-chemical and medical products companies throughout North America.

Our extensive experience concerning OIG, FDA and DEA requirements insures that our clients are fully compliant with industry regulations.

We offer a full menu of investigative elements designed to mitigate risk and insure that only the best candidates are hired.

We provide detailed Audit Reports that assist in monitoring and tracking both company and industry requirements and our monthly Cross-Check report insures ongoing compliance with company policy.


Yale's roots began on Wall Street in 1985 when we supported numerous brokerage and financial services firms in the performance of SEC mandated screens of new hires.

Today, with more complex regulatory controls, all financial services entities must operate under greater accountability, while at the same time incorporate efficiencies designed to minimize costs and maintain a competitive edge.

Our technological advances, scalability, data security, and innovative solutions insure conformity with Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, FINRA, FDIC, FRB, OCC, FFIEC, NCUA, OSFI, CFPB, the myriad of domestic and Global Sanctions, as well as ever-expanding regulatory scrutiny.

Yale's reputation for rapid turnaround, process efficiencies, and our industry-exclusive handling of Adverse Actions is why Yale has become the first choice of so many companies in this sector.


Contractor screening has become a significant factor in reducing vulnerability to outside risk and to insuring the competence and qualifications of non-employee placements.

For many industries, contractor screening has even become a compliance requirement, particularly in the areas of healthcare, transportation, and financial services.

Yale provides contractor-screening solutions ranging from simple programs dealing with temporary placements to more involved programs addressing secure or sensitive areas of client facilities.

Programs may involve a few to several hundred contractor facilities. We offer a host of data-exchange options, independent report databases, and customized report flagging or pass/fail evaluation. We can even handle your Adverse Action adjudications.

Whether you are seeking to establish a contractor-screening program or upgrade an existing one, contact Yale to learn how we can simplify the process for you.

Drug Screening/Fingerprinting Services


Yale provides a full suite of drug screening options that include the most comprehensive network of convenient collection sites. If preferred, standard screening can be scheduled electronically by the donor and our portal enables end-to-end tracking with full transparency. SAMSHA certified labs report negative results in 24 hours and positive results are reported by certified MRO in 48 hours. Virtually any preferred panel can be applied to a customer program.


Fingerprints can be captured at our network of hundreds of convenient locations nationwide where trained/certified technicians operate the most updated, preferred LiveScan digital equipment. NO scheduling is required! After-hours and weekend screening is available at no additional cost. Prints can be electronically returned to a client’s store-and-forward server or they can be channeled directly to FINRA and/or the FBI for processing. If authorized, Yale can even review results and develop follow-up dispositions where necessary. For special projects, mobile teams and equipment can be established at client locations as necessary.

Global Due Diligence Investigations

Yale began performing due diligence investigations in 1985 in support of Wall Street firms seeking to minimize the risks associated with approving broker dealers for clearing privileges. Over the years, Yale has expanded its services to assist commercial and investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and other entities evaluating companies and/or their principles for a variety of purposes, including: mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, venture capital assessment, vendor qualification, and a host of related considerations, all designed to mitigate legal, financial and reputational risk. The scope of each investigation is predicated on the objectives and requirements of our client, the nature of the target as well as industry-specific risk factors. Yale can engage a wealth of professional, global resources that extend beyond primary source intelligence to uncover evidence of potential risk relating to civil, criminal, regulatory, compliance and reputational events, any of which could have a significant impact on a company's decision to move forward with an engagement. Yale can establish risk monitoring programs that incorporate ongoing checks of applicable compliance, regulatory and debarment sources, such as: FCPA, FINCEN, SEC, FDIC, FRB, OCC, FFIEC, NCUA, OSFI, CFPB, GSA, OIG/HHS, DEA, PIP, OFAC, Global Sanctions, and many others. As your third-party partner, let Yale assume the burden of maintaining ongoing vigilance and transparency of both internal and outside engagements that could affect your business.


NEW Case Control Portal

Advanced Screening Solution

  • Efficiently track REAL TIME case status end-to-end from the 1st hour
  • Recruiter enters name & email & Yale handles the rest
  • Dashboard filters provide for total Active Case Management
  • Seven status notification options insure recruiters are always kept in the loop
  • End-to-End Adverse Action processing with full client visibility
  • Discrepancy Resolution – Direct Mitigation with Candidate
  • Improved candidate experience – minimal data entry
  • View full suite of SLA metrics 24/7
  • High capacity, innovative technological solutions with advanced security protocols

Best Practice Operational Applications

Yale methodology incorporates only best practice investigative and operational processes designed to develop the most accurate and comprehensive information available through valid, original sources.

We go well beyond industry standards in the search of public records and in developing information essential to our clients' decision-making.

We employ only full-time staff and do not nor offshore services or data.

We are continually reviewing methods and procedures with a view towards greater efficiency and cost containment and have developed proprietary software and systems designed to reduce labor and efficiently manage extensive amounts of data in a highly secure environment.


Yale boasts an unparalleled and consistent on-time delivery rate for full, comprehensive reports, not just record checks. Clients can track their requests real time beginning one hour from order and have the option of 7 email notifications at client-selected stages of the background.

Our signature Summary Page provides instant visibility of discrepant findings (PASS/REVIEW) based on client-specific criteria.

Online unique management reporting tools enable full SLA monitoring, not just for turnaround of the entire report but for EACH category of the background (criminal, employment, education, etc.).


NO voice menu greeting during multiple shifts, so callers connect to a live Service Representative EVERY time and inquiries are handled immediately or same day. Yale management reviews incoming communications and CS logs daily to insure a timely response was provided.


Yale has developed the most successful mitigation resolution program available in the screening industry. If authorized, Yale makes direct contact with candidates to resolve background findings and discrepancies that can delay the screening timeline. Our highly successful methodology insures efficient resolution of often some of the most challenging issues recruiters are faced with, while maintaining a positive candidate experience.


Yale was the first in our industry to develop a complete Adverse Action solution to provide consistency and adherence to the requirements of the FCRA as well as similar legislative mandates of several states. Our new portal has further enhanced this solution, enabling clients to request our handling with a click.

We then apply each client’s preferred letter text and waiting period between Pre-adverse and Adverse communications and enable full step-by-step client visibility throughout the process.

Most significant is the manner in which we communicate with candidates who contact us, all of whom are treated with dignity and respect and are provided every consideration under the law. Full documentation is maintained to demonstrate legislative compliance as well as customer procedural preference.

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