What our clients say

“During the 26 years we have partnered with Yale, they have continually supported the countless changes to our extensive global structure and ever-changing compliance needs as though they were part of our company! They designed and built supporting systems and solutions that exceeded our expectations and their continued flexibility and exceptional day-to-day service support have been nothing less than extraordinary. We couldn’t ask for a better relationship or a more reliable partner. Thank-you, Yale!”

Senior Vice President
Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Yale’s New Case Control Portal has been, by far, the best we have seen in the market. Their flexibility in customizing the many system features to our specific needs made implementation a snap. Recruiters place an order with ease and we can now track each request end-to-end real time. Multiple status notification options alert us immediately without waiting for results through our ATS.“

Vice President
National Insurance Company

“We were planning to hire additional staff to address background discrepancies when we learned that Yale already offered a solution to resolve discrepancies directly with our candidates. That was 4 years ago. Their mitigation team continues to save us considerable time in resolving issues quickly and efficiently, resulting in faster on-boards and a more positive candidate experience.”

Human Resources Director
Fortune 5 Global Bank

“Yale continues to take Best Practices to new heights! As so many service companies look for ways to cut corners and improve their bottom line, Yale has never compromised the quality and effectiveness of its screening processes and procedures. In spite of our high volume, they routinely go beyond industry-standard verification practices to provide the most complete and accurate detail we require in the shortest timeframe.”

Fortune 50 Manufacturing Firm